Reopen Alaska Responsibly

Businesses begin to reopen as Phase 2 of the Reopening plan rolls out. 2020.05.08.2_document_greutert_margaretDownload 2020.05.08.1_document_greutert_margaretDownload

The Show Must Go On!

One family participated in North Star’s “A Jungle Book” from their front porch! Neighbors came to be their audience and cheer them on and watched from a safe distance on the other side of the yard.

Art for the Pandemic

Creativity still blooming in Kodiak! Thank you to all our healthcare workers and thank you to Ron Jackson for sharing your work with us!

More Face Masks

As businesses in town begin to open, people are encouraged to wear face masks in public and may be turned away or asked to leave if they do not have a mask.

School Outside

Families are still adjusting to school at home. School outside is a great way to add variety to your day and get in more hands on learning. Thanks for all the pictures you shared with us, Kate Schaberg!