In May 2024, the Kodiak History Museum and KMXT partnered for a special three-part series on Kodiak’s historic bars. This series accompanied our temporary exhibit, Kodiak’s Historic Bars. The exhibit was co-curated with Douglas Vandegraft, Toby Sullivan, and Jim Ramaglia, and explores how bars have been part of Kodiak’s social glue for over 100 years. This project is supported by a Grant-in-Aid from the Alaska State Museum.

Hosts Davis Hovey (KMXT) and Lynn Walker (KHM)

Episode 1: Overview

We discuss how this exhibit breaks down the history of Kodiak’s bars.

Episode 2: The People

For this show, we focus on the people who were instrumental in the bars or have their own history tied to a specific establishment.

Episode 3: Major Historic Events & The Decline of Bars

For the final episode, we talk about three major events that impacted the bars in Kodiak and the decline of bars in the 1980s and 1990s.

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