Donate to the Collection

The Kodiak History Museum collects the material culture of the people of Kodiak Island and its environs, and preserves it for the benefit of present and future generations. We look for objects, ordinary and extraordinary, whose stories and meanings are rich and complex, have inherent worth, both reflect and challenge the conventional wisdom, and invite us to look deeper or broader. 

Our Acquisitions Committee is comprised of Kodiak community members who decide what is preserved forever in the permanent collection. They meet twice per year to discuss and vote on everything presented to the museum.

If you are considering donating to the museum, please fill out our donation form below and we will contact you. Please do not mail or bring in items without first speaking with our collections staff. Thank you.

Please contact our collections manager; 907-486-5917 with any questions.

Please provide a brief description of the object(s) or artifact(s) you are offering to donate to the Kodiak History Museum.
The Kodiak History Museum is a community history museum and personal stories often provide a meaningful context in which to share objects and artifacts through Museum exhibits. Please share with us any personal stories you may have about the object. To the greatest extent possible please tell us…Who made it? How was it made? Who owned it? Why was it important to them? When and how was it used?
The Kodiak History Museum preserves our permanent collection forever in public trust and makes objects available for research and display.