Photograph Reproduction Request

Please fill out the information below to the best of your ability. This helps us understand your intended use for a photograph or archival document in our collection. Once submitted, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding any fees and permission before sending you an image. Thank you.

Please list Individual collections (if applicable) and Negative numbers.
Permission includes use in promotional materials related to the described project. Please provide due credit in promotional materials.

(please check all that apply below)
licensed for one use/episode/appearance for the perpetuity of the project
I have read and agree to the conditions below and understand that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the denial of future requests for reproductions and licensing by the Kodiak Historical Society and Kodiak History Museum. I am authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of the organization named above and enter into this agreement on behalf of that organization and personally.
I understand that all rights are for one time only, non-exclusive use in one publication, production, or project (book, periodical, TV production, exhibit, etc.) Any further use of the images regardless of production or format will be renegotiated with the Kodiak Historical Society. I will not use or authorize others to use the material or copies licensed herein, except as specially provided in this agreement, without first obtaining a written letter of permission from the Kodiak Historical Society.

I agree to furnish the Kodiak History Museum, without charge, one copy of the publication in which the reproduction appears.

I understand that there may be fees involved for using this material and I agree to pay any charges required by this request.

I agree to use the image/s provided without significantly altering it/them beyond standard cropping or resizing.

I agree to give due credit to the Kodiak History Museum and to the individual collections, plus the negative number by following the citation example below: Citation Example: Kodiak Historical Society, P-1234-1.

Television and film projects may use the credit without the negative number for broadcast.

I understand that digital files posted on websites or CD-ROM must be .jpeg images with a maximum of 72 PPI. The credit information for digital files must be integral with the image as it is displayed so that downloading of the image includes the credit line. The Society will be notified with the URL address of all website uses. Requests for image copies will be referred to the Society.

I understand that the Kodiak Historical Society makes no representation of exclusive ownership of the rights to any image. The user assumes all responsibility for conforming with the laws of libel and copyright, which may apply to the use of this material.