The Day by Day Project

The Kodiak Historical Society recognizes the incredible historic significance of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and its impact on our island community. Preventative measures including school closures, government mandates, social distancing, working from home, have already changed our lives on Kodiak dramatically. As each day unfolds, we are responding to the global pandemic and adapting the way we function as individuals, as families, and as a community. The stories we tell and our lives will be forever changed as the result of COVID-19.

The Kodiak History Museum has launched a special project in response COVID-19 called “Day By Day”. Project goals are twofold: to build historical records shared at the Kodiak History Museum, and to boost morale and build community in this time of crisis. Day By Day aims to collect digital files that represent this historic time on Kodiak Island. To establish a comprehensive collection of what’s happening in our community, we need help. Members of the community are asked to share digital files of their COVID experience by emailing them to All files will be added to the historical society’s publicly accessible research files and may be shared online or in print.

Examples include:
Audio recordings
Personal histories, thoughts, and feelings
Notices and signs
Social media posts

Anything you think helps represent this history on Kodiak.

Stay tuned for daily highlights from what people share as we get through this experience together.

Day by Day Highlights

Survival Necessities

At first we thought toilet paper was important for getting through this, now we realize it is snack food.

The grocery store is still frequently out of many items.

Living in the Future

One of the strangest things about what we are currently experiencing, is that it sounds like it could be the plot of a science fiction movie.

Given that, it seems like the best way to face an uncertain future is with your space helmet securely in place.

More than One Way to…

There’s more than one way to make a mask! If you’ve run out, don’t have yours handy, or are not the sewing type, here are two quick no-sew methods for mask making.

Did you use one of these methods? Send us a selfie!!

“Going” to Prom?

Though school is closed and most functions cancelled, Kodiak High School and KMXT are making a virtual prom happen anyway.

Watch the video here for all the details!

Saturday, May 2nd. 9 PM to 11 PM

Tune in to KMXT 100.1 or stream live on if you’d like to participate!