Artist Robert Tucker holding “Esquire of the Sea”, 2005-1-1.

The Kodiak History Museum cares for hundreds of artworks. It is our job to collect and preserve information about each artwork and make it accessible for years to come.
Each artwork in KHM’s collection has an associated file with all of the information we have about the piece. We continually add information to these files, which in turn enriches the history and understanding about each object in our collection and provides new perspectives about how to display, interpret, and care for the piece.
On August 25, Kodiak artist Robert Tucker and friends, visited our collections research space to see a piece he carved 17 years ago. The piece, “Esquire of the Sea”, is a 4-foot long whale carved out of walnut wood. Through this visit, Tucker provided more information that enhances our understanding of the artwork and how to best care for it in the future.
You can listen to Robert Tucker explain about his inspiration, process, and wishes for this artwork for the future here.

This artwork was purchased with grant funds from the Museums Alaska Art Acquisition Fund with generous support from the Rasmuson Foundation.