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Volga Maiden 6" Matryoshka Doll

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This cheery nesting doll boasts bright colors in a set of 5 dolls that all nest together. Volga Maiden Dolls are a tribute to the toy-making villages of the Upper Volga River region and the traditional style they developed. These Russian dolls are decorated with floral design patterns that are very pleasing to the eye and echo the design motifs found along the Volga. While the dolls made by the villagers come in variety (colors as well as qualities), these dolls made at the Golden Cockerel workshop are uniformly high quality and predictably pleasing to the discerning collector. This doll is produced with paints that have been tested and verified as child-safe, meeting all CPSIA requirements. A great gift or addition to your collector's shelf, she is sure to please.

Made in Russia

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