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Swimming Halibut Print

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by Madara Mason of Fairbanks, AK

  • 20" x 16" plus an additional 2" white border

"My art is the relic of an exploratory impulse and of a particular rabbit trail exploring the boundaries between formal concerns and marginalized art practices, especially women’s handicrafts. In using deconstructed, commercial crafting materials to build layered applications, some of my work evokes a particular universal memory I believe we all share: that shining liminal moment when we first realized there exists a constructed, civilized beauty in the world which is distinct from the beauty of the natural world. In that moment, we emerge from a psychological state of innocence—where everything appears natural, organic, eternal, and whole— into a different state of understanding, sensing that some beauty is fashioned from pulling the natural world apart and putting it back together again in meaningful ways and that nothing in nature is permanent." —from In Search of Lost Time, 2018

Madara is a mixed media and graphic artist in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her eclectic mixed media pieces run the gamut from landscapes, to animals, to mythical and symbolic narratives. Her work explores the conversation between traditional and contemporary forms.

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