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Fern Ring

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by Faryn Davis of Fernworks, located in Asheville, NC

  • Size: 7
  • Sterling Silver
  • Real fern encased in layered resin

"I create tiny, intricate worlds in resin. I blend small painted scenes and real, ethically sourced ephemera such as grass, lichen, feathers, and bones into layered resin. Each piece is hand painted with toothpicks and brushes, embedded in epoxy, then polished into delicate, dreamlike 3-D landscapes populated by woodland creatures and magical symbols. I've been crafting with resin for over 20 years and create art full time from a tiny hut in my backyard in Asheville, North Carolina. I grew up on a farm in western N.C. and have always been a collector and scavenger. I've always loved finding unusual natural objects and specimens and I love incorporating this passion into my creations!"

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