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Eat Well Print

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by Valisa Higman, of Seldovia, AK

  • 9" x 14" plus an additional 1/2" white border
  • Archival Matte Paper

"Potlucks are kind of a thing in my home town. Everyone has their signature dish, and local foods are often featured. This piece was part of my "Alaska Problems" series. When you show up late to a potluck and there isn't any room on the table for your dish, or when you come to a potluck right after getting off work, and all you brought was a bag of potato chips but everyone else made gourmet food."

The cut-paper artwork all starts as a sheet of black paper. Carving away at the background using an Xacto knife, the images are revealed in an intricate lacework of lines. Using the black as Valisa's foreground, she fills the negative space by piecing together layers of paper in vibrant colors and textures. As a finishing touch, adding the last details and shading with watercolor. Valisa's work reflects her love of community, nature and all things nostalgic.

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