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Calendar Matryoshka Doll

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Looking to get your money's worth on a unique calendar? If so, our Calendar Matryoshka is just the thing for you! Don't waste your money on a calendar that will just get thrown out at the end of the year! See just a beautiful nesting doll? Look closer! The three dolls in this set indicate the day, the month, and the year. Turn the top half of each doll so that the aging woman's finger indicates where you stand in time. The calendar element adds a whole new twist to what a nesting doll can be. Enjoy her year round, and for years! There are three pieces to this nesting doll – one doll for the day, one for the month, and one for the year. The day doll is a baby, the month a young woman, and the year an old lady. This unique Russian calendar would make a great stocking stuffer.

Made in Russia

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