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Alaska Counting Cards

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by Georgia McKenzie, of Tiny Nest Studio, located in Eagle River, AK

  • Eleven 5" x 5" Cards
  • Printed on thick Card Stock
  • Packaged in a Compostable Plastic Sleeve

Cards Include:

0- Image Guide Card
1- Planet
2- Antlers
3- Fireweed
4- Icebergs
5- Bears
6- Puffins
7- Salmon
8- Moose Tracks
9- Spruce Trees
10- Blueberries

"Practice counting with these colorful hand-painted images. Children love the bright, clearly painted, Alaska-inspired pictures that are easy to count. This is a great resource for parents who are homeschooling or just looking for fun and educational materials to have at home. All paintings done by Georgia McKenzie, an artist and elementary school teacher."

Georgia McKenzie started this small business about three years ago. After her son was born, she felt a creative spark. She sat down with her mom, who is also an artist, and created a personalized alphabet poster full of the things they thought her son would like, (B for Berry, S for Salty, his dog, etc). Once she was finished with her son's alphabet poster she realized how much fun it was to make. It combined two things she had a foundation in: education (Georgia was an elementary teacher for many years) and art. And so, Tiny Nest Studio was born!

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